How I Add Value

WHAT I DO IS: These days I work almost exclusively supporting start-ups and SMEs, especially those with ambition for growth and doing fun exciting stuff.  I help people and organisations make things happen. Many of my clients started out with a business accelerator such as Entrepreneurial Spark, my initial relationship being as a mentor. Often this relationship has continued beyond the accelerator and my role has formalised as a non-executive director or another capacity where I am able to continue supporting the founder(s) and the business itself.

THIS STUFF FLOATS MY BOAT: I’m especially fascinated by the world of crowdfunding and love spending quite a bit of my time working with and as part of the team at IdeaSquares Worldwide Ltd. If your business is considering raising investment by equity crowdfunding, you need to talk to us. We’ve got plenty of experience and we know what works and what doesn’t. And the fact of the matter is if we at provide you with our unique support and training, the chances of your campaign succeeding increases significantly. I am not making this up.


WHAT I’VE DONE WHICH MIGHT HELP YOU: I’ve had experience working in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, from micro-businesses through to major global corporates. My main thing is working with strategy and making that strategy real and happening. Generally anything to do with People, Process, and Product. I’m particularly up with sales and marketing, the latter including digital channels/social media, and product/service development.

I’ve done some pretty interesting things during my career, some of which could be very useful to you. Just a few examples include:

  • Provided mentorship to leaders in all sorts of organisations, including founders of start-up businesses;
  • Directly supported and worked with successful equity crowdfunding campaigns on Seedrs and Crowdcube;
  • Developed & brought to market new products and services;
  • Created new business operations;
  • Prepared a business for exit and managed the transfer to the new owner;
  • Designed, delivered, and implemented new organisational business structures;
  • Managed major national marketing and public relations campaigns, including production of TV & Radio ads and working with celebrities;
  • Managed all sorts of technology and business projects;
  • Worked closely on projects involving culture, staff engagement, client satisfaction;
  • Delivered on directives to cut costs, improve revenue while keeping staff and clients happy;
  • Managed key client/supplier relationships;
  • Negotiated with trade unions;
  • Managed very large teams of geographically distributed people, small teams of people, and sometimes just me;

So if I might be able to help you….

Get in touch!


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